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Innovator Interview: MiniMed Connect

Developing new diabetes technology requires hard work from many people and MiniMed Connect was no exception. Today we introduce you to someone with a very important role in making it a reality, Cyrus Roushan. When he’s not busy guiding the MiniMed Connect team, which is composed of people across multiple departments and groups, you

CGM Medicare Access Next Steps: Contact Your Local Committee Members!

We’ve made great progress since re-introducing the Medicare CGM Access Act of 2015 (H.R. 1427, S 804), which would require Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for seniors who are currently denied access to this important diabetes management technology. Thanks to you, we now have 28 Senators and 153 House Members co-sponsoring the

Working Out With Diabetes: Achieving Fitness Goals

After a long career working in diabetes, business woman, fitness model, and blogger Christel Oreum, and her husband, Tobias, created to share their passion for a healthy lifestyle and provide tools to help others achieve their fitness goals. Living with type 1 diabetes, she’s especially passionate about helping others with diabetes because of

A Day In The Life: MDI VS. Insulin Pump Therapy with CGM

As someone who has lived with diabetes for over 11 years, I have experienced life with multiple daily injections (MDI), as well as an insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitor (CGM). Either way, I am still living with diabetes, but these two lifestyles are fairly different in the way I manage my disease,

It’s All About the Trend: A Tour de Cure Cycling Adventure

Tour de Cure cyclist John Burger was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 30 years ago. One of the coping mechanisms he found uplifting was becoming involved in diabetes advocacy, including participating in ADA’s Tour de Cure event to raise funds to stop diabetes. John found a real sweet spot for diabetes control with