Spring Cleaning: CGM Edition

Spring Cleaning: CGM Edition | The LOOP Blog

In my last blog, I shared about how you can add cleaning your insulin pump to your spring cleaning to-do list. So I thought I’d take this a step further by looking into my diabetes drawers which led me to my continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. My transmitter and sensor insertion device (also called the Sen-serter) could definitely benefit from some cleaning! According to the Paradigm Revel User Guide, here’s how:

Cleaning the Sen-serter

1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Dampen a clean cloth with mild liquid soap and warm water and wipe the Sen-serter insertion device.
3. Rinse with warm tap water.
4. Using an antibacterial hand sanitizer, wipe down the Sen-serter.
5. Place it on a clean dry cloth and allow to air dry.
6. Store it in the released position.

Cleaning the Transmitter

1. Wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Be careful when you are doing this and remember that the charger, transmitter or tester is not water-tight by themselves so do not dunk any of the sensor components in water.
3. Attach the tester to the transmitter to make sure that water, disinfectant, and alcohol do not get inside the connector. (Not sure what the tester is? It’s the “test plug” used to troubleshoot your transmitter with the 24-Hour HelpLine as well as giving you the ability to plug it up so foreign objects don’t enter it in cases like cleaning.)
4. Dampen a clean cloth with mild liquid soap and warm water. Wipe the outside of the transmitter.
5. Rinse the transmitter under warm tap water but do not get water inside the connector. If you get water inside the connector, shake the water out and allow it to air dry.
6. Using an antibacterial hand-sanitizer on a clean, dry cloth, wipe the transmitter’s surface. Make sure that you do not get any hand-sanitizer inside the connector.
7. Disconnect the tester from the transmitter.
8. Place the transmitter on a clean, dry cloth and air dry for 2-3 minutes.

Now that I have the steps, I am definitely going to do this as well. Good luck on your spring cleaning adventures, I hope this helped! For more tips and tricks on your sensor and transmitter, visit our website.

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