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SPIbelt waist pouches now available on the Medtronic Diabetes Online Store!

New pump accessories are one of my favorite topics! We know you’re always looking for different ways to wear your pump – whether it’s while working out, sleeping, or just during your day-to-day activities. And when it comes to accessories that help with pump wear, one brand we’ve heard a lot about over the years is SPIbelt. SPIbelt’s waist pouches are comfortable, discreet, and make it easy to wear your pump close to your body – no matter what the occasion.

Aside from having a great product, what we really love about SPIbelt is their dedication to the diabetes community.  We spoke to SPIbelt’s founder and owner, Kim Overton, about how she decided to create a SPIbelt accessory specifically made for people with diabetes. Here’s her story:

KimOverton“We started our relationship with the diabetes community within months of launching. I began to hear from mothers of children with diabetes about how they loved our product for their child’s insulin pump. Young users especially enjoyed the variety in styles and discreetness of the SPIbelt, and parents appreciated our price point compared to other carriers.

Because of our quick popularity within the diabetes community, we designed our first SPIbelt specifically for use with a pump in 2010, including a pass-through hole intended for the insulin tubing.

In 2013, we sponsored a college scholarship through the Diabetes Scholars Foundation. Over the years, we’ve also sponsored a number of walks and events around the country with the JDRF and Children With Diabetes communities and we are currently sponsors of Camp Bluebonnet in Austin, TX.”



All of the above (and more) is why we’re excited to announce that SPIbelt is now one of our preferred accessory partners! With a pass-through hole for infusion set tubing, bounce-free patented pocket design and expandable waist band – SPIbelts are ideal for wearing a pump during daily wear or physical activity.  Available now, in kids and adults sizing, on the Medtronic Diabetes online store!



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