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Voting Is Now Open! Which Back-To-School Tip Is Your Favorite? | The LOOP Blog

Voting Is Now Open! Which Back-To-School Tip Is Your Favorite?

...all of the great tips shared through our Back-to-School Facebook contest over the last few weeks! It's been inspiring to read all of your great tips for managing diabetes in classrooms - from kindergarten to college. Now, the time has come to vote for your favorite tip! Visit our Facebook page...
Off to Boarding School with Diabetes | The LOOP Blog

Off To Boarding School With Diabetes

...think about college in a few years! Watch this video for Ed's tips on how to prepare as a family and work with school officials to build a strong diabetes support system at school.
Back-to-School Tips Round Up From Our Community | The LOOP Blog

Back-to-School Tips Round Up From Our Community

...emergency numbers for parents, and his doctor's school plan, etc. in case of an emergency. The folders are given to the school secretary, principal, nurse and classroom teachers. I also send a carb sheet each day for the nurse so she will know how many carbs Ryan is having at each meal. If Ryan...
Back To School With Diabetes | The LOOP Blog

Back To School With Diabetes

...the better experience your child will have at school. Whatever obstacles you face this year at school, remember that you are not alone. There is an army of parents blazing trails right along with you. Get involved in the online community...and remember that there is no mountain too high for...

Back To School With Diabetes: Part 1

...Permission from nursing supervisor for the school district. (Your school nurse can give you his/her contact information.) 2. If on a Medtronic pump - a CareLink hub for the school to download the pump. 3. If not on a Medtronic pump, then download cables for your meter. 4. Sharing...