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Prepping For The Holidays With Diabetes

Prepping For The Holidays With Diabetes | The LOOP Blog

It’s that time of year again – the 8-week long flurry of festivity in the U.S. that we call “The Holidays”. Feasts, traveling, gift-giving, joy (and stress) are big parts of the mix for many Americans. Of course, the celebrating can come with a few unique challenges if you live with diabetes. So, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite blog entries and resources that we thought you might find most helpful this time of year.

Happy Celebrating!

For the Feasting
  • Preparing to indulge in a heavy meal with carbs that take a while to absorb? Learn all about the Dual-Wave Bolus from Karen Graffeo.
  • Looking forward to a long holiday meal or extended party snacking? Check out the Square Wave Bolus.
  • Planning to enjoy some alcohol (for those of you over 21!)? Don’t miss these tips on alcohol and diabetes from Dr. Kaufman.
  • Looking for something low-carb in a sea of carbs and confections? A Sweet Life and Diabetes Daily have some yummy recipes.
For the Traveling
For the Celebrating
  • Make sure you have the right pump accessory for your holiday get-up.
  • Get in the spirit with a festive pump skin. (Lenny the Lion has his!)
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