New Partnerships Help Us Fulfill Our Vision for Diabetes Care

New Partnerships for Diabetes Care | The LOOP Blog

You may know Medtronic as your trusted partner in diabetes devices, like an insulin pump and CGM systems, but we aspire to be – and do – much more. We are moving beyond pumps and sensors and broadening our strategy to be a more holistic diabetes company that meets more of your needs and the needs of the millions of people globally impacted by diabetes. These efforts are articulated in our new vision: to transform diabetes care, together, for greater freedom and better health.

Every word in that sentence is important. Including the one “together.” A transformation as big as this one can’t be achieved alone. We need to work together with people with diabetes, healthcare providers, non-profit organizations and other companies to deliver the innovations and solutions that will have a meaningful impact on your life.

The diabetes community is a unique and diverse group of people, and we strive to meet more of your needs in new ways. We want you to know we’ve been listening to your feedback and are looking forward to a bright future ahead. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you about several key partnerships that’ll help us fulfill that vision:

Access to Your Diabetes Data

• Samsung Electronics: We’re partnering with Samsung Electronics, a world leader in consumer electronics, to develop a range of solutions to improve diabetes care and management. Solutions will begin with remotely viewing diabetes data to, one day, integrating mobile and wearable devices into diabetes management systems. Our first project together focuses on delivering more discreet and convenient access to your personal diabetes data by developing mobile applications optimized for Samsung mobile devices that will allow you to see your insulin pump and CGM information via MiniMed Connect. So what does this future world look like? If you’re sitting in a class or meeting and need to check your latest CGM alert, you can pull out your phone instead of your MiniMed system.

• Glooko: We have joined forces with Glooko, a trusted leader in diabetes data unification and analytics, to improve access to meaningful diabetes health data in a safe and secure way. This partnership will enable us to incorporate information from MiniMed insulin pumps and CGM into Glooko’s secure, mobile-based diabetes management platform. In addition, we’ll be able to integrate other health and wellness data sources, such as food, medication, fitness and biometric data, with CareLink. Combining insulin and CGM data could provide additional insights for you and your healthcare team, and could be beneficial to improving overall diabetes management. Making sure your diabetes data is safe and secure is important to us, so we will be focusing on this every step of the way.

Infusion Set Innovation

• BD: We’re collaborating with BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) to introduce a new insulin infusion set with BD FlowSmart™ technology. Developed in collaboration with the JDRF and The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, the insulin infusion set features a unique side-ported catheter designed to improve insulin flow. Pushing for innovation across the entire insulin pump system, including infusion sets, will expand options available to satisfy different needs, body types and lifestyles.

We have big dreams and want you to know we are excited about these partnerships moving us one step closer to some other simple but powerful words in our vision: greater freedom and better health. That is what we want for you and where our efforts are always focused.

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