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Introducing NEW CareLink Personal Reports

Many of you have told us how much you’d like to be able to see in CareLink® Personal software the same reports and therapy insights your doctor sees in CareLink® Pro software. Great news – 7 NEW CareLink Personal reports do just that. Want to check out the new reports so you can get additional insights and get more out of office visits with your healthcare team? Simply upload your device data to CareLink Personal software, view your reports online, and then work on improving your diabetes management together with your doctor. Using all 7 might be overwhelming, but we know different people need different insights at different points throughout the diabetes journey. Our hope is that you can find the few that are most valuable in helping you make sense of the numbers today.  Introducing NEW CareLink Personal Reports | The LOOP Blog

Here are the 7 *new* reports:

1. Therapy Management Dashboard: An overall picture of how you’re doing with statistics, device data, and BG or sensor glucose (SG) trends all in one place.
2. Sensor and Meter Overview: See what happened with your SG (if you wear a sensor) and BG during key times of the day like before and after waking up or eating a meal.Introducing NEW CareLink Personal Reports | The LOOP Blog

Sensor and Meter Overview

3. Adherence: Ok… I know we all hate this word, but knowing if we’re routinely missing a step can help us identify that trend, figure out why and then make a change. This report can highlight some important reminders like how often you should be changing your set or checking your BG.
4. Episode Summary: A summary view to help you better understand your highs and lows. This can be a great starting point to help create a list for things to ask your doctor about.
5. Logbook: A familiar format with new information. This is a good report to see an overview of details like your carbohydrate and insulin intake.Introducing NEW CareLink Personal Reports | The LOOP Blog


6. Device Settings: Save your settings before you make changes and keep track of your current settings. This way you’ll always have a back-up if you need them.
7. Daily Detail: It’s exactly what you think it is! A daily breakdown covering everything from bolus types, carb ratio settings, and BG targets.

Once you sign into CareLink, go to the “Reports” tab and you’ll see a new list of bundles. The bundles were created to group specific reports together, so you can get answers to every day questions. You’ll still be able to view the new reports as single downloads (in addition to the classic CareLink reports you’re used to), but the bundles should make it easier to help you put all your data into perspective.Introducing NEW CareLink Personal Reports | The LOOP Blog

If it’s been a while since you’ve logged in, visit the CareLink website today. Need help logging in? Visit our support section. There is so much you can learn about day to day life with diabetes by looking at your device and BG data in a more holistic way. Enjoy the new reports and let us know if you have any questions!


CareLink® Therapy Management Software for Diabetes is intended to be used together with advice from a healthcare professional familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Do not make any changes to treatment without talking to a healthcare professional first. For more information, please visit

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