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Mommyhood And Diabetes

Mommyhood And Diabetes | The LOOP Blog

You’ve heard from Elisa Marchetti before in the blog post about her travel adventures from Costa Rica to China and her touching story in the Medtronic edition of You Can Do This. Today, Elisa shares the story of becoming a new Mommy! Read on about her experiences entering into Mommy-hood, and allow us to take this time to wish Elisa and all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

What a journey it’s been! I want to share some experiences having diabetes and entering mommyhood. I am proud to say that I have a full of life and an adorable little boy who is now 15 months old. It’s amazing to see the world through your child’s eyes and I am excited for each day that I get to go home and be his mama.

I have spent some time reflecting on the journey and treasuring the moments of absolute joy that are weaved within this new adventure of parenthood. As I’ve done some reflecting it got me thinking as to what can rob us of our well-intended joy? For those of you who have diabetes or are impacted by diabetes in some way, you way know very well that diabetes management can be a thief of joyous moments in your life. I wholeheartedly believe that the Medtronic insulin pump and CGM has allowed me to have joy during those special moments of pregnancy and even after now into motherhood.

Here are a few of my examples where diabetes didn’t steal the joy…

1. Breastfeeding

One of the most special bonds that I look back on is the privilege and ability to breastfeed my child. As I realize each woman has their own personal preference on the decision to breastfeed and for how long, for me personally it was an instant bond. However, from the diabetes perspective, breastfeeding did not always go as smoothly as I would have liked. In the first moments of learning to breastfeed I became very aware that it caused my blood glucose to drop quickly. This would have been a major issue had I been taking insulin shots, however with the pump and CGM I was able to adapt my insulin dosage to the right levels and could quickly overcome any potential low blood glucose that was looming.

2. Sleep Deprivation

One of the rights of passage into parenthood is the ability to operate on little to no sleep. The days and nights for the first couple of months all blur into one and as challenging as that is for someone who does not have diabetes, the unpredictable routines can cause radical changes in blood sugar. The specific features on the pump such as the temp basal and different basal patterns helped me to control of my diabetes during those first couple months without sleep.

3. Food (wait, have I eaten today?)

Diet and food is extremely important when caring for an infant. As the days rolled into each other in those first couple months, so did the meal schedules. Although I had ample support from my mom, mother-in-law, husband and friends to ensure we had food in the fridge and meals planned, there were definite moments that I needed to be reminded to eat even if it was little snacks throughout the day or prepared dishes. The insulin pumps dual wave bolus and suspend features allowed me to overcome baby interruptions during mealtime.

It has been an amazing adventure and privilege becoming a mom. Although my pregnancy and parenthood didn’t come without hurdles, I have a beautiful baby boy. I will be forever grateful for the pump and sensor which helped me to control and manage my diabetes during a time when not only my life was impacted, but far more important, the life of my son.


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