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Meet IQcast, the Newest Addition to the Sugar.IQ assistant

Over the last few months, it’s been great to hear the positive feedback from those of you using the Guardian Connect Smart CGM with the Sugar.IQ assistant. Today, the system gets even smarter, with IQcast technology, a new addition to the Sugar.IQ assistant experience.

The IQcast feature is like a weather forecast for your diabetes. Using artificial intelligence technology from our partnership with IBM Watson Health, the Sugar.IQ assistant can now forecast if you’re likely to have a low 1-4 hours in advance, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead.

We know this heads-up can make a big difference. Instead of guessing if a low might be coming – or worse, not knowing – you have technology working for you to help you be proactive in your diabetes management. Armed with this forecast, you might want to eat a snack, change the timing of your next meal, or keep a closer eye on your glucose trend. With this technology, you can really live in the moment and focus on what matters – your family and friends.

This is just the first of many updates and additions we plan to make with the Sugar.IQ assistant. But your feedback is really important. So, if you’re already using the Sugar.IQ assistant, tell us in the comments what improvements and updates you’d like to see. And if you’re using the Guardian Connect Smart CGM, download the Sugar.IQ assistant today.

As a reminder, these products are useful for those managing their diabetes with multiple daily injections. We know many of our pumpers are interested in similar technology—particularly the ability to see glucose numbers on a smartphone. We are working on that functionality and will be sure to share updates with the community as soon as we can.



Important Safety Information

The Guardian™ Connect system requires a prescription and is indicated for continuous or periodic monitoring of glucose levels in the interstitial fluid under the skin, in patients (14 to 75 years of age) with diabetes mellitus.  The system is intended to complement, not replace, information obtained from standard blood glucose monitoring devices, and is not recommended for people who are unwilling or unable to perform a minimum of two meter blood glucose tests per day, or for people who are unable or unwilling to maintain contact with their healthcare professional. The system requires a functioning mobile electronic device with correct settings. If the mobile device is not set up or used correctly, you may not receive sensor glucose information or alerts. For complete details of the system and its components, including warnings, contraindications, and precautions, please consult the user guide at and

The Sugar.IQ™ app (MMT-8100) helps manage diabetes by facilitating the logging and display of meal entries and sensor glucose (SG) data, tracking meal log entries, reporting insights of how meals affect glucose levels, and supporting good choices and trends with motivational messages. The app serves as an additional display for real-time CGM data from the Guardian™ .

Connect system through the CareLink™ Personal software. It is not intended to provide medical advice and should not be relied upon for such purpose. The app is not intended to replace the real-time display of the CGM data on the Guardian™ Connect app, control any functions of the connecting device, calculate insulin or other drug doses, or modify data or control functions of the Guardian Connect system. All therapy decisions should be made by the app user based on blood glucose (BG) measurements obtained from a BG meter. Changes to treatment should only be made in consultation with a healthcare professional (HCP). For complete details, consult the user guide at

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