Meet iPro2 Professional CGM, Giving Meaningful Insights

Meet iPro2 Professional CGM, Giving Meaningful Insights

When you think of Medtronic Diabetes, insulin pumps, CGM sensors and advanced algorithms might first come to mind. But did you know, we have an entire family of products and services for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes? It’s part of our evolution into a holistic diabetes management company. One example is our iPro2 continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

Managing your diabetes with diet, exercise, medications and/or injections isn’t easy – whether you live with type 2 or type 1 diabetes. Sometimes you eat healthy, exercise and take your medication but you still don’t feel well. Maybe your blood sugar readings are still high? Or your A1c (that blood test you get every three months) isn’t where you or your doctor would like it to be.

The thing is, fingerstick BG readings and A1c blood tests only provide a snapshot of what’s going on with your glucose. They don’t give you the whole story.

Meet iPro2 Professional CGM, Giving Meaningful Insights | The LOOP BlogIt can take just a few short days to get to a healthier you with iPro2 CGM evaluation.

What is iPro2 CGM?

It’s a small, lightweight device that is water tight and is worn for about 6 Meet iPro2 Professional CGM, Giving Meaningful Insights | The LOOP Blogdays on your abdomen. Your doctor can prescribe it and put it on you in the office. While you go about your daily life, it will record the glucose levels from the fluid underneath your skin. It takes a reading every five minutes automatically. Your doctor will have you keep a log of your meals, exercise, medications and after the evaluation is over your doctor will remove it and download your information. Then you and your doctor can talk about the information together.

Making Informed Decisions

Wearing an iPro2 CGM will allow you and your doctor to make informed decisions. After wearing the device, you’ll get a personalized report. You’ll be able to see how your daily activities and medication impact your glucose levels. You think you’re eating a healthy breakfast but your iPro2 CGM report shows a spike in your glucose in the morning. Turns out your breakfast is high in carbs. Or your report may show your doctor information that will lead to a change in your medication. The information in the report allows you to know what to change and gives you and your doctor topics to discuss. You and your doctor can see the whole picture and together you can talk about what changes can be made to help you achieve better outcomes like feeling better, an improved mood and more energy.Meet iPro2 Professional CGM, Giving Meaningful Insights | The LOOP Blog

If you’ve ever heard of personal CGM – where you see a sensor glucose number on an insulin pump or some other type of receiver – iPro2 CGM has some similarities but also some differences. Like personal CGM, the iPro2 CGM takes glucose readings every five minutes. However, it doesn’t require any interaction from you while wearing it and you won’t see any numbers or get an alert in real-time. Instead it provides retrospective data after six days that can be used to help inform you of what’s affecting your sensor glucose readings. It’s also not something you wear all the time. Many people have found that wearing iPro2 CGM once or twice a year provides the information necessary to gain long-term results.

If you’re interested in obtaining the benefits of iPro2 CGM, talk to your doctor. You can also find more information here.

Meet iPro2 Professional CGM, Giving Meaningful Insights | The LOOP Blog

Important Safety Information

The iPro2 digital recorder is intended to continuously record interstitial glucose levels in persons with diabetes mellitus. This information is intended to supplement, not replace, blood glucose information obtained using standard home glucose monitoring devices. The information collected by the iPro2 digital recorder may be uploaded to a computer (with Internet access) and reviewed by healthcare professionals. The information may allow identification of patterns of glucose-level excursions above and below a desired range, facilitating therapy adjustments, which may minimize these excursions.

The iPro2 system is intended for prescription use only.
Does not allow data to me made available directly to patients in real time
Provides data that will be available for review by physicians after the recording interval (up to72 hours for Sof-sensor glucose sensor; 144 hours for Enlite sensor)
Is intended for occasional rather than everyday use.
Is to be only used as a supplement to, not a replacement for, standard invasive measurement
See Instructions for Use (IFU) for additional details.


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