LOOP Blog Roundup: Holiday Prep

LOOP Blog Roundup: Holiday Prep | The LOOP Blog

December can be a very busy month when a lot of people celebrate various holidays, spend time with family and friends near and far, and/or ring in the New Year. It can be a lot of excitement and a lot to think about – in addition to thinking about diabetes! So we rounded up a few past blog entries that we thought might come in handy this time of year. Hope you enjoy!

Getting cold where you are or where you’re going for the holidays?

Remember proper insulin storage.

If you’re snowboarding or skiing…

You might want to revisit Pumpin’ From the Slopes.

Hitting the party scene?

Check out these tips for food-centric festivities and if you’re of legal age and choose to drink, be careful with the alcohol.

In all the holiday fuss, don’t forget to keep moving!

Check out Dr. Kaufman’s tips for exercising with diabetes.

Travelling for the holidays?

Visit our last LOOP round-up (from before Thanksgiving), which was all about holiday travel.

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