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The winter months can be a very busy time when many people celebrate various holidays, spend time with family and friends near and far (even virtually), and/or ring in the New Year. It can be a lot of excitement and a lot to think about – in addition to thinking about diabetes…and a pandemic! So, we rounded up a few past blog entries we thought might come in handy this time of year. Hope you enjoy!

Gearing up for the holidays?
Here are these 15 Holiday Tips to help you get into the spirit.

Getting cold where you are or where you’re going for the holidays?
Check out these 7 Tips for Diabetes During Cold Weather Season. Also remember proper insulin storage.

Getting excited for holiday foods?
Check out these tips for how to Master Holiday Eating with Diabetes or try these 6 Healthy Holiday Tips.

In all the holiday fuss, don’t forget to keep moving!
Check out some Tips for Exercising with Diabetes or this other post if you’re using one of our integrated pump systems.

Vowing to keep your diabetes devices cleaner in the new year?
Check out these instructions for cleaning your devices safely.

New Year’s resolution to get healthier?
Read this post about How to Get Motivated to Exercise and Eat Healthier.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

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