Living Long With Diabetes

Last week, the Associated Press ran an article about 90-year-old Bob Krause, who recently celebrated his 85th anniversary with type 1 diabetes. That’s right, his 85th anniversary! To put it in perspective, the year Bob was born, Frederick Banting and John Macleod had just discovered insulin.

Bob is one of about 100 people recognized by the Joslin Diabetes Center for living with diabetes for more than 50 years.

Considering what prognosis these people most likely received 50, 60, 70, or 85 years ago, such a long life is definitely something to celebrate. As most of you well know, depending on exactly when they were diagnosed, these kids may have been told they would never live to see a college graduation or have a child, yet alone spend June of 2011 celebrating longevity with diabetes in Boston.

In addition, Joslin is studying 650 long-term type 1 diabetes patients to better understand the secrets to their success. In the Boston Globe article linked above, Dr. George L. King, Joslin’s research director, lists learning diabetes management early and sticking to it, a family history of longevity and an active lifestyle as potential key factors. Several of the patients interviewed credit the support system put in place by their families – especially their parents.

We love the idea of recognizing people dedicated to managing their diabetes and of thinking about what it takes to live a long, full life with diabetes.

Of course, with so many advances in endocrinology and medical technology over the last 50 years – and so much research and innovation on the horizon – we’re very optimistic about long lives for today’s generation of people with diabetes. Still, what do you think helps you succeed in managing your diabetes? Is it a great endo? New technology? The love of your family? The support of the DOC?

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