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Introducing Your New Medtronic Online Experience

Introducing Your New Medtronic Online Experience | The LOOP Blog

If you’re a Medtronic customer, you might have noticed that over the last year we’ve been making changes to our online tools to improve your online customer experience. This summer we’ve launched two anxiously awaited online options. You have been requesting these changes for a while now and I want you to know that we’ve listened! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Online Auto Reorder and Online Bill Pay!

Online Auto Reorder

One of our supply ordering methods today is the “Auto Reorder program” (formerly known as mySupply Connection). While customers who use our Auto Reorder program are fans of the “set-it-and-forget-it” method of having supply orders arrive at their doorstep, they still needed to call in to the Supply Order Team if any changes ever needed to be made with their supply ordering needs. Not anymore! You decide which products you want and how often you receive them. For example, you can choose to receive your pump supplies every three months, while test strips ship monthly and sensors every other month. With Auto Reorder now available online you can make the following changes at any time:

  • Add or remove products
  • Update quantities you would like to receive
  • Select how frequent you would like a product to be shipped
  • See when your next order is scheduled
  • Change your next order date if you need to receive products sooner or delay an order
  • Edit your shipping address

Already enrolled in our Auto Reorder program? You can view your existing Auto Reorder profile after logging in or enrolling for a myHome account. If you don’t yet use Auto Reorder, visit our online Store to add products to your Auto Reorder profile today!

Online Bill Pay

Unlike most shopping or bill pay website, medical billing can be a whole different ballgame with its own rules and requirements. So after many behind the scenes projects to update our billing systems and processes, we’re excited to bring this long awaited option of Online Bill Pay to you! Features of the Online Bill Pay website include:

  • “Go Green” option for paperless billing
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • Links to Medtronic Billing and Insurance Help

To use the new Online Bill Pay website you will need to enroll for a bill pay account using information found in your most recent statement. Please understand, because this is a new program, statements received before July 9, 2013, will not be loaded into the online system. We know this may delay some customers from enrolling for a Bill Pay account, but know your next statement will be able to be paid through the new Online Bill Pay website. To do so, create an online account here. This online account will be separate from your other online Medtronic accounts (CareLink, myHome, myLearning or the Store).

Other Online Services

If you haven’t visited our online Service and Support area, I encourage you to check it out at! There you will find great information ranging from device support, like pump settings and alarms, to ordering and ongoing learning information. Another recommended step is to create a myHome account. Along with access to online tutorials and viewing your device information, a myHome account gives you online access all your personal account information. Set up a myHome account today to:

  • Update your address and/or phone number
  • Make changes to insurance information
  • Update your prescribing physician
  • Edit your shipping address or create alternate shipping addresses
  • Give family or friends “consent” to speak to Medtronic on your behalf
  • View your Order History
  • Create a Favorites list of preferred products

We hope you’re as glad to see all these online features as we are to provide them. As we continue to move forward with improving your online experience we look for your feedback on what features would be most important to you. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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