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Introducing Our New Mobile App: myMedtronic Connect

Update – August 25, 2014: myMedtronic Connect mobile app is now compatible with Android devicestoo! We want you to know that we listened to your feedback and appreciated your patience as we worked to expand platform capabilities. Read about it here.

Here at Medtronic, in addition to consistently working on technologies to help improve your clinical outcomes, we’re also working hard to find ways to make managing your diabetes more convenient. That includes keeping up with the technology of this “iPhone world” we now live in.

Today, we’re so proud to introduce our new app myMedtronic Connect, available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices! (I personally use an Android so am bummed that’s not a part of the first launch, but we are working on it! I got to be one of the first customers to test the real app on an iPod Touch, and am definitely impressed.)

The goal of the app is to provide on-the-go support for our customers – because we know that people with diabetes, like me, rarely stay put!

So what exactly does the app do? Here are a few highlights:


For ordering insulin pump and CGM supplies and accessories from the Medtronic online store (and tracking your shipment).

Helpful Tools

Including video tutorials, troubleshooting tips, and a place to save pump settings.

Set Reminders

For changing infusion sets or sensors, checking blood glucose, or ordering supplies.

Travel Tools

Including a check list and travel tips.

Push Notification

For the latest posts from The LOOP.

Now, we know that many of you would love an app that would conveniently display your CGM number on your phone and send it ringing with predictive alerts. (We hear you, Karen Graffeo!) Trust me, so would I!

We are working on technologies along those lines (we actually have a whole team of people dedicated to what we call “Connected Care”), but that’s not the purpose of this app. Getting to a place where we can see our pump and CGM info on mobile devices comes with both engineering and regulatory complexities that Medtronic is still working hard to tackle.

Right now, with myMedtronic Connect, we’re taking a first step into Connected Care and extending our world-class Help and Support offerings to your mobile phone – hopefully making some of those daily tasks a little bit more convenient.

So, visit the iTunes app store to download your app today, and let us know what you think! Anything missing? What would you like to see on the next version?

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