Introducing James: Our Amazing Moments Video Contest Winner!

Introducing James: Our Amazing Moments Video Contest Winner! | The LOOP Blog

In April we were thrilled to launch our first video contest for our Medtronic Diabetes Facebook Community. It was called Amazing Moments and the premise was simple: submit a video of what living life to the fullest means to you. We were blown away by the submissions from our creative and passionate Facebook community! Once all the videos were submitted, we asked the community to vote for their favorite and you chose the video submitted by our Facebook fan, James Jackson! I reached out to James to find out more about the person behind the video camera, and to hear his inspiring story on what led him to enter our contest. Great work, James, our community loved your video and so did we!

My name is James Jackson; I was born in Southfield, Michigan. Now I’m a rising senior in college currently attending Grand Valley State University in West Michigan majoring in film/video production. I plan and hope to use my degree to create some promotional videos for companies along my journey, but to also create films and videos that have deep messages in stories that people can connect to as well as documentaries that inform the public of huge issues that the media doesn’t cover. I enjoy sports, dance, drawing all kinds of art and simple activities, just as I showed in my video.

I first found Medtronic Diabetes completely by accident while looking at particular likes of friends on Facebook. I have to honestly say that I didn’t have a strong desire to learn more about diabetes before someone in my family was diagnosed with it, but I have a few cousins with this condition so I took it upon myself to learn more about it. I never knew how dangerous diabetes could be until people in my family had to live with it, and one of my cousins recently passed away after being hospitalized and in a coma for several days.

I definitely think if my cousin had been involved with a company like Medtronic Diabetes it would have been to her benefit. It’s good to know that companies like this exist for the future. My cousin wasn’t able to do too much physical activity as she got older and conditions worsened. But, she was still able to connect with her family and laugh. So when I came across the Amazing Moments contest, I had this idea of the simple things being the most enjoyable. Such as sitting in the beach by the waves, playing piano, and singing and dancing. Living life to the fullest to me isn’t having money to do extravagant things like skydiving or traveling from country to country. It is doing free simple activities, oftentimes with the people you love. It could be just sitting amongst nature and enjoying freely relaxing and thinking.

So I thought I would make a simple video with a few examples of what it means to live life to the fullest. I found some footage of me and my family or friends and recorded a few other clips having some plain fun or just a peaceful time. I thought it was the idea behind the contest it was a great one, because you get different perspectives of how people live their lives.

Editor’s Note: A special shout out to all those who took part in our Amazing Moments contest; it was a close race since we have such an AMAZING community! Look out for future contests and campaigns on our Facebook page where you can get involved.

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