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Insulin Pumps And Continuous Glucose Monitoring | The LOOP Blog

Editor’s note: We were excited to hear that our very own Dr. Kaufman worked with the American Diabetes Association on a new book, “Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring: A User’s Guide to Effective Diabetes Management.” We will be giving away 10 copies of the book by random drawing – to enter, please send us a comment below and tell us what diabetes management tip you would like to share. In the meantime, we asked Dr. Kaufman to share her process and reason for writing this book so that we could share it with you.

I am so thrilled to have my book out and available for patients and providers. Writing a book for the ADA is an honor and a lot of work, as you can imagine. But this book flew out of me. I had the help of an incredible young woman, Emily Westfall who I met on a plane by serendipity.

We were flying on a Southwest plane from LA to St. Louis. I had planned to begin getting myself organized to write the book on the trip, and as a result, I was hogging the middle seat. She sat on the outside seat and stared at me. I thought she was upset with me taking over the middle real estate until she timidly asked, “Are you Dr. Kaufman.” She has diabetes and had heard me lecture. We began to talk, and by the time we landed, she and I had a business arrangement essentially written out on a Southwest napkin.

Emily was amazing in helping me, and I am thankful she sat down next to me that day. With her help, I think the book gives a very fair view of what insulin pump and CGM therapies are, how they can be optimized and all the tips and pearls that make using these technologies beneficial.

Editor’s note: to find out more about the book, or how to purchase, please check out the ADA’s web site:

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