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Insulin Pump and CGM Settings: Back em up!

Do you know what your diabetes device settings are? Some people are diligent about backing up and updating their smartphones or laptops, but what about your insulin pump and CGM settings? It’s good to save your pump settings in CareLink Personal and/or myMedtronic Connect, but what if you need to access your settings and aren’t near a computer or cell phone?

While no one wants to anticipate being without access to their handy tech-devices like a computer or cell phone, or worse, having an insulin pump malfunction, in the event you need to know your settings, it’s good to keep a PDF copy handy.

Tip: Fill out, print, and save this settings worksheet that walks you through all of the settings, and be sure to periodically update it. We recommend getting in the habit of updating your PDF document with the most up to date details. This way, if you ever need to reference your device settings, you will have them at your fingertips.

Here are 5 ways to utilize your PDF document:

1. Keep multiple hard copies on file in your home and purse, workbag, or backpack.
2. If you have a smartphone with email, email it to yourself.
3. Phone cameras are not only for selfies…take a picture of your settings and save them.
4. Download the PDF to your various devices.
5. Send it to your loved ones and/or best friend(s) to save in case of emergencies.

Next time you go to back up or update your smart phone or computer, update and save your settings in a PDF too. You never know where you’ll be when you might need them. Tell us, how do you save your pump settings?

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