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Get Ready For Summer with This Roundup

Summer – time to hit the pool, travel around or hang at the beach. And, no matter what you’re up to, the change in weather or your activities, might mean that you need to prepare with what to do with your insulin pump and CGM. Take a look at our roundup to help, no matter what you’re planning this summer!

Is it forecasted to be a hot one near you? If so, this article might be right up your alley! Hear from Community Manager, Naomi about how she plans when she knows she’ll be in extreme heat.

sand shovel
Summer typically means a different routine and activities for many children living with diabetes. These changes might also mean that parents need to adjust how they plan. Read how d-mom, Meri Schuhmacher-Jackson adjusts for her children during the summer.

girls on dock
Thinking about sending your child away to diabetes camp this summer? If so, take a look at what former Executive Director of the Diabetes Education and Camping Association, Terry Ackley, had to say about sending his daughter to camp for the first time.

water hose
Summer typically means water… something that your pump might not like! This article talks about how to prevent moisture damage to your insulin pump. Just make sure to not get pushed into a pool!

For many people summer typically means travel. If that’s the case for you, make sure to read up on our top 5 air travel FAQ. This way you leave prepared and less stressed about how your insulin pump and CGM will work when flying.

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