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My First 5 Impressions Of MiniMed Connect

Taylor Lookofsky | The LOOP Blog

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of one, Taylor Lookofsky has had unique life-long experiences. Taylor was one of the first customers who received MiniMed Connect and has some feedback to share on what it’s been like to live with a new innovation in diabetes management.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about MiniMed Connect:

1. Discretion during class

Rather than taking out my pump to look at my numbers, I can discreetly take out my iPhone and open MiniMed Connect. I can even view my CGM number, rate of change, and the time stamp of my last CGM reading without having to unlock my phone through the Notification Center on my iPhone (you can access the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of your iPhone screen). I find this very useful when I’m sitting in class, or out in public. Like my CGM, it updates every 5-7 minutes with my current sensor glucose readings.

MiniMed Connect | The LOOP Blog2. Quickly know where my BG levels stand (in color!)

When my sensor glucose is approaching my high or low limit, the graph line is displayed in red, grabbing my attention to check my blood sugar and make a correction if I needed. When my sensor glucose is within my limits, the graph line is blue. The color distinction makes it helpful when quickly glancing at my numbers.

3. Less time uploading my data

Gone are the days I have to manually upload my pump, CGM, and meter data to my CareLink Personal account. MiniMed Connect automatically syncs my data to my CareLink account, so when I want to generate a CareLink report, I can login and download it right away without having to wait and manually upload my device data.

4. Easy for my endocrinologist to make informed adjustments

At any time, my doctor can log into my CareLink account, view my up to date device data, and adjust my diabetes treatment accordingly. Since MiniMed Connect performs daily uploads, my doctor always has up to date data to review. This is very helpful if I’m in between appointments and having a hard time keeping my blood sugars in range.

5. Brings comfort and peace of mind to my parents

Lastly and most importantly, my mom and step-dad are able to look at my data in real time whenever they want by logging into my CareLink Personal account through their smartphones or desktop. My mom has the link bookmarked on her phone, so whenever she gets a text message notification indicating my sensor glucose is rising or falling, she logs into my CareLink to view my sensor in real time. Knowing what my sensor glucose is, rather than guessing what they are and if I’m okay, leaves her with more reassurance.

Guest Blogger: Taylor Lookofsky

Taylor has worn a Medtronic pump since the age of 15, and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) since the age of 20, and loves that they’re integrated. Along with having type 1 diabetes, he also have a very rare auto immune disorder that plays a big role in his absorption of food and insulin, which, prior to his insulin pump and CGM, made his blood sugars very unstable. A big thanks to Taylor for sharing his thoughts and experiences with us!


MiniMed Connect is intended to provide a secondary display of CGM and insulin pump information on a suitable consumer electronic device to care partners and users of a MiniMed 530G system or Paradigm REAL-Time Revel system for the purposes of passive monitoring.

MiniMed Connect is not intended to replace the primary display of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump information on the primary display device. All therapy decisions should be based on blood glucose measurements obtained from a blood glucose meter.

Please visit for complete safety information.

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