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Diabetes Show And Tell: Caroline Carter

Diabetes Show and Tell - Caroline Carter

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the 5th grade, after a bout with mononucleosis (mono), MiniMed Ambassador, Caroline Carter, shares some of her diabetes insights, from what she carries in her bag, to her favorite awkward diabetes moment, to her diabetes superhero. You may remember this New Hampshire native from her past LOOP blog posts, Advocating for Diabetes in the Big Apple, Advocate Competes in Outstanding Teen Program, or her most recent article, Children with Diabetes Making Friends and Connections, and we welcome her back again today.

Q. What diabetes items do you typically carry in your bag?

A. It’s a long list! I usually carry my test strips, ketone strips, Glucagon pen, glucose tabs or tube frosting, a granola bar, extra sensors, and reservoir backups for my pump! It’s a good thing I carry a large bag.

Q. What is your favorite awkward diabetes moment?

A. In November, I was camping overnight at the base of Mount Washington, but being in New Hampshire, it was already really cold, and had just started snowing. Later that night, I woke up FREEZING thinking I had low blood sugar. I guess I wasn’t the only thing frozen that night though, because instead of reporting a blood sugar, the only thing the screen read was “Temperature Warning!” So, being sporty, I did the only thing my mind could think to do. I put my meter in my sports bra and waited for it to warm up! It was the best idea at the time, but now everyone wants to know the story!

Q. Tell us about the most memorable time explaining your diabetes to a new friend, significant other, or colleague.

A. I was 11 years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but I was lucky, because at the time, I was on a basketball team, and my coach was a Diabetes Educator! My team was really understanding and grasped all the information like sponges, eventually making a game out of it for all of us. Every time I would go to check my blood sugar, everyone would call out a number, guessing what my levels were. Whoever was closest got out of running a 34 second drill!

Q. How do you reward yourself for practicing good diabetes management?

A. I actually don’t reward myself because I believe having great blood sugar control is reward enough because I know I will be happy and healthy as I grow up!

Q. Who is your diabetes superhero and why?

A. My diabetes superhero is Nicole Johnson, who held the title of Miss America 1999, as well as having her PhD in Public Health and Master’s degree in Journalism. She has written a ton of cook books, as well as advice books for the realities of diabetes. Nicole runs the Students with Diabetes program, and has been so kind to me every time I have met her. I never would have met her if it wasn’t for the Miss America Scholarship Organization. I really look up to her for all she has done regarding diabetes and hope to be as confident and successful as she is when I am older.

Connect with MiniMed Ambassador, Caroline, to discuss her real experiences and get a better understanding of what life is like on an insulin pump and CGM.

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