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Editor’s note: Are you the kind of person that has a to-do list for your to-do list? If this blog resonated with you, then you might be a “Busy Bee”! Find out what makes you unique by taking our D-Type quiz.

I’ll admit it, I’m weirdly good at keeping track of things. I’m over-organized to a fault and at any given time I have dozens of lists swirling around in my head. My husband uses me as a walking calendar. I have an eerie ability to remember not only important information, but also some pretty useless stuff . . . like all of the lyrics to any song from the ’80s, even if I haven’t heard it in 20 years.

Being over-organized is good, because when you have diabetes, there is an extra ton of stuff to keep track of. I’m pretty good at that too. I don’t think I’ve ever run out of medication or supplies, and I always change my pump sites and CGM sensors out on time. So when I saw the Reminders screen in the myMedtronic Connect mobile app, I thought it was a great idea. But I didn’t think it was something that I’d ever use. After all, my “Reminders” are swirling around in my head!

Well, I’m not ashamed to tell you I was completely wrong about using the myMedtronic reminders. I’m somewhat of an app addict, so at first I set the site and sensor reminders just to try them out. But soon, I began to really enjoy the convenience of that little beep from my phone letting me know it was time to put in a fresh pump site. I loved being able to look at the app if I ever wondered when I needed to swap out my sensor for a new one. I soon started setting the supply order reminder as well, so it can remind me when it’s time to order my next 3-months’ worth of supplies.

Diabetes management stuff takes up a pretty big part of my brain. So anything that can lighten my diabetes load is much appreciated. I’m really glad that I no longer have to worry about keeping track of important things like site and sensor changes or supply orders. Because now maybe there is room in my brain for more of the useless stuff like lyrics to some ’70s songs too!

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