Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together

Earlier this month, we had the wonderful opportunity to welcome 20+ people to our office in Southern California for another Diabetes Advocate Forum! Why? It’s an exciting time at Medtronic as we take some big steps toward our vision of transforming diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. It’s important to share our vision with the diabetes community, but even more important to share and hear feedback from you. (That is what the word “together” is all about.)

Because we can’t host the entire community, we asked a few bloggers and leaderDiabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blogs of non-profit organizations to represent the interest of their readers and community members. For the first time, we welcomed people with diabetes from Canada, the U.S. and several Latin American countries. We know hearing feedback is about including multiple view points from around the world. As always, we were left humbled by everyone’s passion and dedication to people with diabetes, and all the amazing feedback we received.Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blog

The Day
  • The first person we wanted to introduce everyone to is Louis Dias, our Chief Patient Officer (a new Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blogposition at Medtronic Diabetes.) He kicked off the meeting by highlighting our priority as a company: YOU! He talked about our long tradition of putting people with diabetes first and driving strong clinical innovation, as well as our drive to better meet your needs as people (not just people with diabetes). What are the keys to transform into an even more patient-centric organization? Deep insights. Human-centered design. Social engagement.
  • Executives Alejandro Galindo, Annette Bruls, and Hiten Chawla shared their business’s vision and Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blogwhere they are headed in terms of both innovation and access, including future automated delivery systems, new models to provide better access to therapies around the world, and our plans to help you use more data and insights in a more meaningful way.
  • As we mentioned, it is all about hearing directly from the community. In addition to engaged discussion throughout the day, Hooman Hakami, executive vice president and president of Medtronic Diabetes, and several executives joined us for a fireside chat (without the fireplace) on every topic that was top of mind from attendees and those following on Twitter. One hot question – where will Medtronic Diabetes be in five years, and what that will that mean for people with diabetes? Perhaps Hooman summed it up best when he said, “In five years, I don’t want us to just produce products for people with diabetes. I want us to provide better outcomes for you.”
  • We then spent the better part of the afternoon on how we could work together as a group on a social media initiative to help and support all people with diabetes. Keep your eye out on the Loop and social media for more follow up on this!Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blog
What we heard from our guests:
  • A shared excitement for meaningful innovation. For example, advanced pump/sensor Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blogsystems that do more than tell you a sensor number, but take action based on that sensor and reduce the amount of work patients have to do. Leveraging “the internet of things” to deliver valuable insights, but without data overload or unintentionally causing more burden. A variety of products and services that meet the needs of different people. After all, no two diabetes journeys are the same.
  • Access is just as important as innovation. Whether it’s reimbursement needs of U.S. seniors on Medicare, or education and health insurance coverage in communities worldwide, we need to work together to ensure access to diabetes therapies for the people who need them.
  • While the needs of people with type 1 and type 2 are different, you have so much in common. Unity is important and both the community and industry will need to continue to educate against stigmas and help better define each disease. We were inspired to see how engaged everyone was in our work to serve people across the diabetes continuum through innovation that is easy to use, affordable, and actionable.
  • Education is important all across the world (and can mean different things in different places). But whatever the approach, there’s a great opportunity for us to tackle this together.
What’s next?
  • As a result of our afternoon sessions, “Advocating for Change Together,” look for new initiatives from the group to support people with diabetes in Latin America and North America.
  • We’re always looking for your feedback. This event is just one way we connect with you in addition to our social media channels, customer service, surveys, market research, community events, and more. Let us know what questions you have for us.Diabetes Advocate Forum 2016: Transforming Diabetes Care Together | The LOOP Blog

The 2016 Attendees and Medtronic Team

Thank you to each of the advocates who attended, for coming with an open heart and mind, and for respectfully sharing everything that matters to you and your community. Thank you for all of you who connected with them, sent in your questions, and engage with us every day. We are inspired by each of you and will continue to do our best for you.

Missed the live social conversation? Follow the hashtag #MedtronicDAF on Twitter and Instagram. And check out some initial blog recaps here:














All the best,

Amanda Sheldon and Karrie Hawbaker

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