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Customize Your Supply Delivery with Auto Reorder


From infusion sets and reservoirs, to sensors, test strips, tapes, prep wipes, and even batteries for your insulin pump—it may sometimes seem like the list of supplies you need to keep track of is never-ending.

The easiest way to make sure you always have what you need on hand is to enroll in our completely customizable Auto Reorder program.  When enrolled in the Auto Reorder program, you decide which products you want and how often you receive them.

You can enroll in Auto Reorder either by

  1. Texting AUTO to 22094. A Medtronic customer service representative will reach out to get your account set up.
  2. Calling Medtronic customer service (1-800-646-4633, select option 2)
  3. Visiting our website at diabetes.shop [1]

All Auto Reorder items will be processed according to your insurance coverage on file. Please contact us if your address, insurance, doctor or e-mail address has changed, to ensure we process your order accordingly.

Some insurance companies do not allow for automatic orders to be created but if there are issues with processing your order or the quantities your insurance will allow – we will contact you.

Simplify your to-do list by signing up for Auto Reorder today!