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CGM Medicare Access Next Steps: Contact Your Local Committee Members!

CGM Medicare Access Next Steps: Contact Your Local Committee Members! | The LOOP Blog

We’ve made great progress since re-introducing the Medicare CGM Access Act of 2015 (H.R. 1427, S 804), which would require Medicare to cover continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for seniors who are currently denied access to this important diabetes management technology. Thanks to you, we now have 28 Senators and 153 House Members co-sponsoring the bill, but we need your help to make more progress! You can help by following these 3 steps:

1. Contact Senate Finance and Ways and Means Committee Members

Contact your local Senate Finance Committee and House Committee on Ways and Means and urge them to get on board as co-sponsors of this important bill. These two influential Congressional committees will be looking at this issue in the coming weeks, and having more committee co-sponsors will improve the chances of having the bill included in any upcoming committee hearings. In turn, this improves the chances of the bill being included in a larger piece of legislation that will get reviewed for approval.

2. Tell Your Story of Life with Diabetes

Your stories are powerful. The more you can add the facts, figures, and information with your personal story, the better. Sharing your story with political contacts in your local area helps to provide context to this issue and shed light on the importance of change. Maybe you’ve been denied Medicare coverage for CGM technology, or plan to enroll in Medicare soon and currently use sensors. Now is the time to speak up and share the impact this has on you. We are also collecting stories and you can email us at

3. Support Your Outreach with Data

We have several resources to help with your outreach. The coalition of patient advocacy groups, professional societies, and diabetes companies have developed a new infographic on the value of CGM, as well as letters the coalition is using on the hill. In addition, both the JDRF and DPAC have great resources, and make it easy to contact legislators. DPAC has a handy scorecard listing every member of both houses of Congress by state and district.

Medtronic continues to fight for legislation that will expand Medicare coverage for CGM devices for people with diabetes. We know how important this is for many of you (either today or in the future), and together with patient organizations, other companies and people like you, we’re working hard to drive change! Thank you for your support in helping advocate for people with diabetes. Stay tuned!

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