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Innovation Archive

Bringing New Products to Market

Ever wonder why it takes so long for new diabetes devices to get to market? Today Dr. Mastrototaro, Vice President of Research and Development for the Diabetes business unit of Medtronic, talks about some of the time-consuming steps in the process. He also gives The LOOP a preview of the types of products Medtronic

Insulin Pump Security Update

You may have heard recently about computer security professionals demonstrating ways insulin pumps can be wirelessly tampered with or "hacked." I'd like to share with you the facts, update you on the progress Medtronic is making in this area, and provide you with some steps you can take to protect yourself.

Further Response to Insulin Pump Hacking

This week there have been additional stories about wireless tampering of insulin pumps and Medtronic's information security efforts. We wrote an initial blog but wanted to follow up with more information as it is important that you feel safe when wearing your device.

Introducing Our New Mobile App: myMedtronic Connect

Here at Medtronic, in addition to consistently working on technologies to help improve your clinical outcomes, we're also working hard to find ways to make managing your diabetes more convenient. That includes keeping up with the technology of this "iPhone world" we now live in.

Medtronic Insulin Pump Security

Recently, the Associated Press ran an article about research presented at a computer security conference regarding the security of insulin pumps. We know this has been discussed quite a bit on Twitter and blogs such as Six Until Me and Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen this weekend so today we thought we'd take the opportunity