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Pumping And Pregnancy

Today I am so excited to introduce you to our newest guest blogger - the lovely Sarah Knotts from IGTS Blog! As a brand new first-time mom (of a perfectly precious little boy!) and new user of the MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time Revel™ insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, she has a lot of interesting

You Can Do This!

As a person with diabetes active in the online community, it took about .5 seconds after the launch of You Can Do This to begin to hear about the project led by Kim Vlasnik. Of course, I clicked on it immediately because this is right up my alley! The premise of the project is

4 FAQs About Water Activities

We've been talking a lot this summer about summer vacations, repelling down waterfalls and preventing moisture damage to your pump. Today, we welcome back Amy Kellerman, a product specialist on our insulin delivery marketing team, to continue on that theme to talk about what to do with your pump and CGM for different water

Back To School With Diabetes: Part 2

Today we continue with Part 2 of Dr. Dewan's post on using CareLink Personal Software in schools to better monitor students with diabetes throughout the day and improve communication between families, physicians and school nurses. Last time he talked about set-up and addressing roadblocks. In this entry, he talks about maximizing CareLink once it's

Back To School With Diabetes: Part 1

Today we're thrilled to feature a guest post from Dr. Asheesh Dewan, a pediatric endocrinologist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Dewan has worked with several parents and school administrators and nurses in the Las Vegas area to implement CareLink Personal Software in more than 50 schools to better monitor students with diabetes throughout the