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CareLink Software is getting a refresh!

Carelink Refresh Blog


Did you know CareLink Personal software allows you to view your pump and/or CGM data whenever you like? And it’s not just for discussing with your healthcare team—these reports can be helpful in providing important information for you, too. CareLink Personal software helps people manage their diabetes by converting data from their insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, and/or blood glucose meters into easy-to-understand insights about their sugar levels that help empower therapy decisions. We’ve made some recent improvements based on feedback from the community and we’re excited to share them with you.

So what’s new? Check out this video for more info.

  1. CareLink Personal software now has an updated user interface design with:
    • A modern new look
    • A shorter account creation process and a more streamlined login experience
    • The ability to easily access your profile, account information, and preferences at any time from the top right menu
  2. We’ve also worked to simplify reports so they’re easier to understand and access.
    • Once logged in, click the star button next to reports you use frequently to add them to your favorites.
    • Choose a date range and a comparison period to see how your glucose trends are changing over time.
  3. It’s even easier to share data with care partners and your healthcare team.Did you know
    • You can quickly manage all your data sharing preferences in the “Data Sharing” tab.
    • Easily view any care partners, healthcare professionals, and clinics who are able to view your data.
    • Care partners and healthcare providers can create their own CareLink accounts and send you a data sharing request to view your information. You can accept, reject, or even pause their ability to view your data.
  4. We’ve also expanded CareLink Personal software to be compatible with even more devices, operating systems, and browsers for use across all your devices.
    • To see if your device or operating system is compatible, click here to learn more.

It is now even easier to upload your data. Once you install the CareLink uploader (or update, if you already have it installed), you’ll be able to take advantage of all the improvements below. And if you’re using Guardian Connect CGM or the MiniMed 770G system with the MiniMed Mobile app, your data will be automatically uploaded to CareLink software! If you’re not using the MiniMed Mobile app or are still using a Paradigm 500- or 600-series insulin pump, here are some enhancements you might find helpful:

  • Improved device detection for easier pairing
    • Auto-detection: The CareLink uploader automatically scans for the CareLink USB, blue adapter, or linking meter. It only takes a few seconds to detect the new device.
    • More reliable connection: We’ve made updates to decrease the number of failed uploads.
  • New guided flow and error messages for a faster process
    • Stepwise flow with clearer instructions: The CareLink uploader has been updated with new screens and instructions designed based on feedback from real people.
    • Error messages: The new CareLink uploader error messages highlight the root cause of errors and suggests solutions to help troubleshoot.

Interested in checking out this new look and added functionality for yourself? Check it out at to see the new and improved experience. Visit the CareLink Personal Software support page if you need help logging in, learning how to interpret reports, or have more questions. Happy reporting!

Important Safety Information

The CareLink™ software is intended for use as a tool to help manage diabetes. The purpose of the software is to take information transmitted from insulin pumps, glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems, and turn it into CareLink™ reports. The reports provide the information that can be used to identify trends and track daily activities – such as carbohydrates consumed, meal times, insulin delivery, and glucose readings. NOTE: CareLink™ report data is intended for use as an adjunct in the management of diabetes only and NOT intended to be relied upon by itself. Patients should consult their healthcare providers familiar with the management of diabetes prior to making changes in treatment. For more details, please consult and the appropriate CareLink™ User Guide at

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