How You Can Get Involved: Diabetes Blog Week 2016

How You Can Get Involved: Diabetes Blog Week 2016 | The LOOP BlogWhen I started Diabetes Blog Week in 2010, I remember being unsure if anyone at all would be interested in participating. So it’s both thrilling and unexpected to be gearing up for the 7th annual edition! Through the years there have been some changes, but my main goal for the week remains consistent – to help unite our community. During Diabetes Blog Week, participating bloggers write posts on a set topic each day and link it on a master list for that day. Then readers can jump around the DBlog Community and read everyone’s perspectives. While doing this, we can discover blogs that are new to us and make connections with bloggers we hadn’t discovered yet. It’s my favorite thing about the week, and many of those who’ve participated have told me the same.

While the reason I started Diabetes Blog Week has remained the same, it continues to evolve as the years go by and each year there are some changes. A few years ago I started reaching out to the community to help come up with topics for the week. Last year was the first time several vloggers joined in, participating with video blogs rather than written ones. And this year, based on participant feedback, there will be quite a few new things.

  • First of all, Diabetes Blog Week will run Monday – Friday, rather than Monday – Sunday, since weekend blogging can be tough.
  • I’ve also posted the topics a week earlier than I usually do, so bloggers participating have a little more time to draft posts and think about what they want to say.
  • Another new feature this year is a Diabetes Blog Week page on Facebook, which I hope will help better give participants (and lurkers) a heads up on all the DBlog Week information.

I’ve always tried to make it as simple as possible for people to participate in Diabetes Blog Week, and to make the week as inclusive as possible. It is open to anyone who blogs about diabetes in any way – a person with any type of diabetes, the parent of a child with diabetes, a loved one of a person with diabetes, and so on. Blogs written in any language are welcome, as are diabetes vlogs. To sign up, all a blogger has to do is fill out the form found at

Editor’s Note: Congrats Karen and the DOC on a successful 6 years! This is an inspiring activity and it’s great to see everyone come together and use your voices in your own unique ways. We can’t wait to read your entries this year.

If you don’t have a blog, but would like to get involved make sure to check out Diabetes Blog Week. You can read the blogs posted, comment and share the blogs you find most valuable with your community.

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