Balancing Life Amongst Diabetes

Balancing Life Amongst Diabetes

Trying to balance a career, blood glucose, toddler, and an active lifestyle has provided its fair share of challenges for Pumpin’ Crossfit Mom blogger, Gina Capone. And on top of that, she added in some CrossFit as well. Today, Gina shares how she manages to balance her life amongst type 1 diabetes. Can you relate? Let us know in the comments below!

Being a Mom

My son is two years old, and while I love he isn’t my only form of weight training these days, at times, it can be exhausting trying to simultaneously manage him and my diabetes. He doesn’t always have the attention span to sit and wait for mommy to check her blood glucose (BG), scarf down glucose tabs, and then wait for my BG to rise.

But, when he’s in the mood, he’s watching my every move. He wants to touch my insulin pump C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y. Insulin pump to my son = fun time. Every chance he gets, he’s pressing buttons, biting, and pulling on my tubing, kicking my infusion set out of my body at 4:00am, and using my glucoshots as drumsticks on the furniture! You name it, it’s happened. His new thing is when I check my BG, he’s right up in my face telling me to check him too. Ugh. The idea of that actually being necessary makes my heart sink.

Getting and Staying Organized 

I needed a schedule that would help me get and stay organized for my diabetes management, baby, gym, and work. So one day, I sat at my computer and did just that! I scheduled my entire day into my iCal, and synced it to my phone.

I established a work schedule around nap time and bedtime, and set up a two-hour alarm reminder on my insulin pump, which helps me remember to look at my pump and check my BG. I use CareLink Personal to send my data straight to my Endocrinologist on a weekly basis because of the intensity of my workouts. My gym schedule sometime varies, depending on how late I stay up for work. I always shoot for 9:00am, which ends up being either 4:00pm or 7:00pm on most days, so I put gym in those three times on the calendar every other day. I have babysitters scheduled for 9:00am and 4:00pm, and my husband is saved for 7:00pm.


Getting ready for morning gym days are pretty tricky for me. I am up earlier than usual to check my BG (note: I am not a morning person, at all), and make sure I’m not too low or high. If I want to be at the gym at 9:00am, I need to get up at 6:30am to take thyroid medicine, which doesn’t allow me to eat until an hour later, get myself cleaned up and dressed. My son usually sleeps until 7:30am or 8:00am, so after he’s awake, I get him cleaned up, diaper changed, dressed, and fed. Then, I feed myself, check my BG AGAIN, and decide whether or not I need to change my basal rate to temp basal. Lastly, I give my father-in-law the low down and then, and only then, am I finally out the door. Phew, that was a lot! Right?

When I get to the gym, I check my BG before I start training. If my levels are higher, I’ll leave my pump on during the entire workout. If my levels are lower, I’ll either take it off or put in another temp basal rate and check again midway through. Sometimes my BG is lower at the beginning of my workout and it ends up being higher midway, so I’ll put my pump back on. Since every CrossFit workout is different, I never really know how it will affect me, which is why having an insulin pump makes things so much easier. I can adjust accordingly. It takes A LOT of writing down to get my basal rates close to where I need them to be, and just when you think you have it down, NOPE, it changes again! Are you exhausted yet? I know I am.


Having diabetes is like having a toddler at times. Completely unpredictable and exhausting, and if you turn your back on it for one second, you get complete chaos. I guess I have two toddlers, maybe three if you include my hubby. Ha.

Being a parent is hard work. Adding diabetes into the mix is even harder. I have no idea what I am doing half the time, and don’t even stick to my schedule on most days, but one thing is certain, I wouldn’t change my life or my insulin pump. I feel privileged to have both!

Balancing Life Amongst Diabetes  Balancing Life Amongst Diabetes

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