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Back To School With Diabetes: Part 2

Back To School With Diabetes: Part 2 | The LOOP Blog

Today we continue with Part 2 of Dr. Dewan’s post on using CareLink Personal Software in schools to better monitor students with diabetes throughout the day and improve communication between families, physicians and school nurses. Last time he talked about set-up and addressing roadblocks. In this entry, he talks about maximizing CareLink once it’s implemented.

Once you have CareLink implemented in your child’s school, here are some ways you, your child’s physician and the school nurse can maximize the software to improve your child’s diabetes management.

Maximizing CareLink in the School:

1. Weekly downloads

Some children are classified as “independent” and do not need nor want to go to the school nurse to check their blood sugar. Arranging for your child to meet weekly with the nurse to upload to CareLink is a good way to keep the nurse in the loop and allow him/her to see your child’s trends.

2. Login and Look

Now that the information is being made transparent, login and look at least weekly, go over the week’s sugars at school with your child and the school nurse and, if a problem is identified, contact your physician about the trend that has been discovered.

3. Concerns and Emergencies

If there is a situation that is happening on a particular day, you can ask the nurse to download out of the scheduled time and allow you or the physician the ability to see what is going on in real time. For true emergencies, it’s always recommended to seek medical attention immediately.

We’ve had great success with CareLink in our Las Vegas schools. In some cases, the understanding I’ve garnered from the team approach I’ve described here has allowed me to make therapy adjustments that reduce a child’s instance of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and his/her number of missed school days.

If you work to do the same in your area, I think you’ll find the increase in transparency into a third of your child’s day and the improved communication between all his/her healthcare providers (and even multiple households) invaluable. And after you get CareLink implemented into your school, you can start planning next year’s summer vacation! Good luck!


CareLink® Therapy Management Software for Diabetes is intended to be used together with advice from a healthcare professional familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Do not make any changes to treatment without talking to a healthcare professional first. Please visit for complete details.

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