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Get Ready for Back to School with this Roundup

Many families are preparing for the end of summer and are getting ready to go back to school. For parents, that might mean a bit of anxiety as you not only prepare your child, but also the school for how to take care of your child’s diabetes. This roundup is here to help you prepare.

Managing Diabetes in School: From Pre-School To College
Hear from d-mom Jen about how she’s prepared her children over the years for going to school with diabetes, from preschool to college.

Addie #1
4 Routines For Managing Diabetes in High School
MiniMed Ambassador, Addie Finch, shares four routines that she’s learned to help her manage diabetes while in high school.

Back-to-School Tips Round Up From Our Community
Take a look at this blog with different tips from the community on how they manage diabetes in elementary school, junior/high school and college.

Meri's four boys
Back to School with Diabetes
A few mantras from d-mom Meri, who has three children living with diabetes and how she manages back to school each year.

10 Tips for Teachers_Full
10 Tips for Teachers of Students with Diabetes
Wondering how you’re going to talk to your child’s teacher about diabetes? Share this blog that has tips for teachers with students who have diabetes.

Reference Guide for School Nurses
In the event you have a new school nurse who you’re working with, you might want to share this blog that helps nurses with reference guides to taking care of children who are using an insulin pump and CGM.

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