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Arming Your Endo With Information: Uploading To CareLink

Arming Your Endo With Information: Uploading To CareLink | The LOOP Blog

As an Endocrinologist it’s important for me to have as much information as possible when I meet with a patient and their family. That’s why CareLink is so important to me in my practice. It gives me more detailed information than blood work or what my patients typically volunteer. It shows me trends, patterns, and actually guides me on what questions to ask my patients, so we can make the most of our visit together. Here are some things to consider before your next Endo visit.

CareLink Therapy Management Software Safety Information

This system is intended to be used together with advice from a healthcare professional familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Do not make any changes to treatment without talking to a healthcare professional first. Please visit for complete details.

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