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Are You A Global Hero?

Are You A Global Hero? | The LOOP Blog

And if you are a global hero, do you happen to run marathons? We’re asking because this week is the deadline for the Medtronic Global Heroes program.It’s a pretty neat way to celebrate runners who benefit from medical technology, showing the world that people who live with chronic, life-changing conditions live full and rich lives.

Last year, four Global Heroes were runners that use insulin pumps to manage their diabetes and came from all around the world including Italy, Serbia, Finland and the United States. Will you be one of them this year?

A total of 25 runners from around the world are selected to participate in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon or Medtronic TC 10 Mile race in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. This year the race is October 2 and the deadline for Global Hero application is right around the corner – Friday, April 15. The selected runners receive race entry and travel expenses. In addition, the Medtronic Foundation will donate $1,000 to a select non-profit patient organization that educates and supports people living with the Global Hero’s medical condition.

To qualify as a Global Hero, runners must currently be using a medical device therapy (from any manufacturer) to treat the following disease categories: heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, spinal disorders, or neurological, gastroenterology and urological disorders. For more information or to apply, check out

If you are not a runner, what other types of things do you do as a local hero each and every day? We have heard from many amazing individuals who do everything from fishing and horseback riding, to race car driving or being a leader in their local community. We’d love for you to share your story here on the LOOP.

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