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A Dose Of Diabetes Encouragement

A Dose Of Diabetes Encouragement | The LOOP Blog

As a person living with diabetes for the past twelve years, I know how extremely challenging and tedious the daily tasks can sometimes be. But I also know that it’s important to try to do what is in our control to try to change our perspective and the way we view our daily tasks involved with diabetes management.

I was looking at a CareLink Personal report recently, and in a two week period, it said that my blood glucose had been high 58% of the time (based on my blood glucose target settings). I became immediately discouraged and so many questions came rushing through my head trying to figure out about what I had done wrong, how I could have improved this, and how it was probably because I was stressed and wasn’t eating as well as I normally do.

A few days later, I was in a meeting and somehow we got on to this topic of the CareLink reports, so I shared my experience with a coworker. She said “Well, what are you doing right? You were in a normal range 42% of the time so focus on that.” And then it dawned on me. I have to step back and give myself a pat on the back for the things that do go right. And you should too!

We wanted to share this encouragement with our Facebook community, so we asked the following question to see what they had to say. “Instead of getting discouraged about things going wrong, let’s focus on what’s going right! When it comes to health, what’s something you’ve given yourself a pat on the back for recently?”

Here are some of the inspiring answers we received!

Mary Santos I finally accepted that I have Diabetes Type 1 & truly thankful I have my Insulin Pump to help me manage this condition.

Lisa Daigle Kliebert I’ve kept an A1C of 6.0 through 2 pregnancies and nursed my first for 14 months and am nursing my newborn with the same goals!

Arianda Marin I could really say that being in control of this chronic illness, and taking control of it, deserves a big, big, big, pat on the back….

Matilda Glave Schwarz … because we laugh a lot in my family!

Sydney Hornback Musall Helping my 11 year old son not let T1D run his life! He has raised almost $800 for the JDRF Walk for the Cure this Saturday! Also expressed interest in becoming a youth ambassador for the JDRF! Very proud of my young man!

Cordell Hull I woke up with blood sugar under 200

Shirley Pierret Miller Dealing with Diabetes now for 52 years.Thankful to have the insulin pump the last 17 years…helps to manage the disease much better.

Phyllis Collins Marshall I will pat myself on the back for living with Type I diabetes for over 44 years.

Jill Babior Because I’m alive!!!!!!

Suzanne Custer I am an open water swimmer and recently finished a swim with a high B.S. I was disapointed in that aspect of the race only. I swam well, not fast, but I was strong. Often I forget that I do the best I can with managing my Blood sugars. Life happens sometimes and control can’t be perfect. I need to be proud of myself.

Lisa Lucas For losing 66lbs. And getting my insulin lowered.

Ray Vendryes Workouts 3X a week and a close diet. A1C 5.7 50 yr. Type 1

Erin MacDowell Paris Getting better at dealing with my anxiety when I change my site… Being dedicated since Day 1 to maintaining my A1C below 7… Simply trying to find the positive whenever someone wants to look at my disease as a negative.

Cory Walton I’m awesome

Dana Alexa Smyth My sons A1c is 6.5!!! Our Endo was happy to see that we made our own adjustments to my son’s basil rate and insulin to carb ratio. Zero settings were changed during our last visit.

Bob Hunt I am in control of my diabetes, not my diabetes controlling me!

Debra Harrington A recent 20 lb weight loss, dramatically better A1C, and persevering with CGM use. Thank you, Medtronic, for the technology of the pump & CGM.

Mitzi Wiedeman I have kept my 11-year-old alive for 11 years with good A1c

Brittany Morgan Elliott Getting my A1C down to 5.7 in the first few months of pregnancy! Weekly visits to my endocrinologist aren’t always fun, but it will be what makes this a healthy pregnancy!

Gordon P Jones an A1C of 6.3 after 57 years of T1D.

Bobbie Ebert For finally getting my rates set after many failed attempts to get them perfect. Type 1 for 47 years. Pumping for 15. CGM for about 2 years.

I hope this made you smile. Tell me, what have you given yourself a pat on the back for recently?

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