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4 Halloween Tips from a Person with Diabetes

Today we’re happy to share a new post from Medtronic team member and PWD, Cheryl. You might remember her past articles on topics ranging from superheros to juice boxes. We’re looking forward to adding Cheryl to our roster of guest bloggers, so you will hear more from her in the near future!

A quick search of the internet for Halloween and Diabetes will give you about 780,000 results (trust me I checked) and there are amazing ideas out there.  The trading in your Halloween treats for a healthy reward or donating candy to those in need are great options.  There is only one problem; there is no way you are going to get my 3 boys to turn over their loot because, well, they don’t have diabetes.  Their little normal functioning pancreases prepare to have a field day on October 31st.  They roam the neighborhood and bring into my house more candy then Willy Wonka’s factory.  That’s right; I am the only one with diabetes in my household of 5.

I see that day coming for months as the stores fill their shelves with all of the wonderful “fun size” bars that make me crave goodies.  Days prior as they attend school and social fall festivities these little treats start to emerge and I start to check to make sure the insulin prescription has been refilled.    So what does one do when making your house a goodie-free zone is probably not an option?

When my oldest was young I was “that mom.”  We handed out pretzels and pencils.  I would joke with my husband “that’s what happens when you have a mom with diabetes.”  There are times that mantra will fly, and times it won’t.  I quickly learned as he got a little older and his brothers came along that Halloween was one of the times it won’t.  As the years have gone by I have learned some tricks for equipping myself and our family for Halloween.

  • Healthy options are good for everybody, not just people with diabetes. There are times I am grateful for being a mom with diabetes because it can give me an excuse to bring out the healthy items.  When my boys want to be sympathetic they will whisper to each other “this is better for mom’s diabetes,” and I laugh because it’s good for them too.  Now we compromise and hand out pencils AND 1 piece of candy.
  • This is the time of year to replenish my low blood sugar stash. My friends all joke about raiding their kid’s candy stash and in an effort not to be left out, I do too!  I snatch up my favorites and stockpile them away for low blood sugar treats.
  • Freeze it! Most candy can be frozen 6 month to a year.  Store in an air-tight container, label it with the type and stash it away as a treat for your kids, or a low blood sugar emergency, in months to come.  Some of it can even be used around the holidays for craft projects.
  • Don’t rule out the benefit of getting some of the candy out of the house. Last year we found a local dentist who was donating candy to the troops and I took the boys who each had a large bag of candy (typically their least favorite items) to donate.  They learned a valuable lesson in giving and I got some of that fun-sized hyperglycemia out of our house.
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