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Monthly Archive: May 2016

Collaborating with Qualcomm Life to Innovate for People with Type 2 Diabetes

As we continue our journey to become a holistic diabetes management company, our focus every day is to transform diabetes care together, for greater freedom and better health. We’re working to deliver new and intelligent solutions to solve some of the diabetes challenges that you know all too well. Today we’re excited to share

Life with Celiac And Type 1 Diabetes

May is Celiac Awareness month and it is estimated that about 8% of people living with type 1 diabetes also have celiac disease. Because of this we wanted to acknowledge what a person living with type 1 and celiac goes through. Today, meet Liisa DePeri, a MiniMed Ambassador who was diagnosed with type 1

How You Can Get Involved: Diabetes Blog Week 2016

When I started Diabetes Blog Week in 2010, I remember being unsure if anyone at all would be interested in participating. So it’s both thrilling and unexpected to be gearing up for the 7th annual edition! Through the years there have been some changes, but my main goal for the week remains consistent –

Tips For Finding The Right Diabetes Camp For Your Child

As the school year winds down, we begin to think about all of the activities that come along with warm weather and the summer months. Sporting activities, sleepovers, and summer camp are things that always seem to be topics of conversation. For kids with diabetes, diabetes camp is a great opportunity to not only