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Monthly Archive: January 2016

Back From CES 2016: Using Data To Drive Better Diabetes Outcomes

As we’re transforming into a holistic diabetes management company, our goal is to provide leading technologies that leverage data and informatics to provide insights to help you better manage your diabetes. Living with diabetes includes a lot of data points (as you know, with all of the numbers that float around in your head,

Net Carbs Vs. Total Carbs: What Counts?

People often wonder if they should count their net carbohydrates or total carbohydrates, which appear on some food labels. Medtronic Diabetes Clinical Manager for Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Katie Crupi-Sullivan, RD, CDE, tackles net carbs, and the advice she gives her patients with diabetes. Net Carbs or Total Carbs: “I’m confused” One of my patients

Partnering With IBM Watson Health To Develop Diabetes Solutions

Our progress to innovate diabetes solutions with our partner IBM Watson Health has yielded significant cooperative learning and discovery. Medtronic is also planning to leverage Watson technology to help patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems, from mobile applications to advancements in artificial pancreas technology, to transform diabetes care. Watch Jeff Ruiz, vice president, Diabetes