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Monthly Archive: September 2015

My Favorite CGM Feature: High and Low Predictive Alerts

As a busy wife, mother, and student, MiniMed Ambassador Alexis, gives some credit of her successful diabetes management to her insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM). While insulin pump therapy changed her diabetes management, starting on CGM took her management to another level. Alexis shares her favorite CGM feature – High and Low

10 Tips For Finding Your Ideal Endocrinologist

Whether you’re recently diagnosed with diabetes, recently moved, or are ready for a change, selecting an endocrinologist is important to your diabetes management. The relationship you have with him or her can make a big difference in not just your quarterly visits, but also your day-to-day diabetes management and long term health. So how

Pitching A Winning Game Against Diabetes

(Photo: Christian J. Stewart / Independent Sports News) Recent high school graduate, Jonathan Buckley, thought his dream of being a pitcher was threatened when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12. Managing diabetes while playing sports is no easy task for a teenager whose body is going through typical