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Monthly Archive: August 2015

Steroids And Diabetes: The Effect On Your Glucose Levels

Autumn is approaching with its beautiful fall foliage, hayrides at the pumpkin patch, and harvest festivals, as well as its sniffles and running noses. Cold and flu season is a drab for everyone, but can be particularly worrisome for people with diabetes. In addition to worrying about how being sick will affect their glucose

Nighttime With Threshold Suspend

Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 8, before blood glucose (BG) meters, Donna Winchester monitored her BG through regular urine tests several times a day. Over 35 years later, she is now managing her diabetes with the MiniMed 530G with Enlite. Recently, Donna had a nighttime experience with Threshold Suspend she shares with

4 Routines For Managing Diabetes In High School

MiniMed Ambassador Addie is your classic cheerful high-school teenager who loves napping, is working through college applications, and socializes with friends. She also happens to live with type 1 diabetes. When high school started, instead of worrying about her A1C, she was worrying about her GPA. Realizing she needed an effective balance between school

10 Best Practice Tips For Insulin Pump Care

Properly caring for your insulin pump is important to help protect its longevity. We’ve compiled this list of “Best Practices” for you based on common questions from customers like you. Our devices are made to be durable enough to be part of your everyday life, but like anything, sometimes it’s important to go back

Rest Up: 10 Tips To Improve How Well You’re Sleeping

Anyone who’s tossed and turned throughout the night, or has woken up feeling sluggish, knows how important it is to get a good night’s sleep and the misery of living without one. Sleep is important for our hormones to regulate a large number of our body’s processes, such as appetite, weight control, and our