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Monthly Archive: June 2015

Medicare CGM Access Act Of 2015: The Next Step To Reach Our Goal

For more than a year, Medtronic has been engaged in a coalition effort to support legislation that will expand coverage for diabetes therapies under Medicare. As you know, Medicare does not yet cover CGM devices, leaving seniors with diabetes without access to this technology. We have received a lot of customer feedback about this and

New Partnerships Help Us Fulfill Our Vision for Diabetes Care

You may know Medtronic as your trusted partner in diabetes devices, like an insulin pump and CGM systems, but we aspire to be – and do – much more. We are moving beyond pumps and sensors and broadening our strategy to be a more holistic diabetes company that meets more of your needs and

New Clinical Trial Brings Artificial Pancreas Closer

As part of our commitment to greater freedom and better health for people with diabetes, Medtronic has been advancing artificial pancreas research and development for decades. It’s a step-by-step process toward a very important goal: allowing people with diabetes to achieve better clinical outcomes, spend less time on their diabetes management, and more time

Introducing Convenient Mobile Access To Your Pump And CGM Data With MiniMed Connect

Today we’re sharing some great news for people with diabetes, and their care partners and healthcare teams: we’ve receive FDA clearance of MiniMed Connect! This is the first product to allow people with diabetes to discreetly and conveniently view their insulin pump and CGM data on a smartphone. MiniMed Connect also provides remote monitoring