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Monthly Archive: June 2015

Two Pediatricians And A T1D Diagnosis

Like many other families, Dr. Stephen W. Russell and his wife, Dr. Gretel Russell, had no family connection to diabetes. They are also both pediatricians, though that didn’t prepare them for two new jobs in a new city – and a new diagnosis of diabetes for their daughter – all in the same summer.

3 Steps To Help Manage Your Partner’s Diabetes

When dealing with diabetes, we can take it all on ourselves, or we can accept help from our loved ones. I believe the right way is whatever way works best in our individual lives (which is to say there is no single right way). And at times in my life, I have done each

Accessorize Yourself!

Everyone is different and likes to wear their insulin pump in their own way. This is why we created MiniMed Accessories and have continued to add more new ones to our catalogue, offering a large range of wearable products. From style and performance, to full concealment, we think you’ll be able to find something

How To: Handle Common CGM Sensor Errors

The D-Force is back! This time, D-Force D-tective Lacquitta and Trendsetter Kelly take on CGM sensor errors. Need more CGM tips? Check out Enlite Insertion Technique and Performance and Helpful CGM Calibration Tips.

Misconceptions About Insulin Pump Therapy And Type 2 Diabetes

Many people think that if you live with type 2 diabetes and use insulin pump therapy, it means you’ve failed in managing your diabetes. Unfortunately, it’s a misconception that Medtronic Diabetes Clinical Manager, Beth Spencer Kline, MSN, RN, NP-C, CDE, hears too often from patients. Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease, and exercise