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Monthly Archive: October 2014

A Spooky Halloween Roundup

Over the years, we’ve gathered some really neat Halloween articles from our awesome guest bloggers. This Halloween, we want to share a roundup of these great posts with you from tips for managing diabetes with all the trick-or-treat candy, to a Halloween diagnosis story, to Medtronic’s pumpkin carving festivities. What are your favorite Halloween

Diagnosed at Age 2: Grandma’s Trooper Tony

Following weeks of extremely wet diapers, thirst, and weight loss, on a Sunday afternoon in February 2013, Sharon’s two year old grandson, Tony, was rushed to the Emergency Room and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Six weeks later, little Tony started on a MiniMed Revel insulin pump. Diabetes has changed their family’s whole world,

How to Personalize Your Pump and CGM Alarm Settings

There are many different alerts and alarms built-in to insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems today, which may be overwhelming if you turn them all on at once or set them to levels that aren’t right for you. Your MiniMed insulin pump and CGM allows you to personalize various features and alarms

Diabetes Show and Tell: Matt Kearney

Diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 12, Matt Kearney managed his diabetes with multiple daily injections (MDI) until 2006, when he landed himself in physical therapy rehab after a bad off-road motorcycle accident. It was during this time Matt assessed his health, and decided to start managing his diabetes with a

6 Tips for Healing Bruised Fingers

We know that with each blood glucose (BG) check, you are making a proactive decision to proactively manage your diabetes and we applaud you for that! In doing so, we’ve heard feedback from our customers that this can also become painful and frustrating over time so we wanted to see what we could do