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Monthly Archive: September 2014

Insulin Pump Therapy: Why Did I Wait?

We often hear, “I don’t know why I waited so long to start on my insulin pump”, from individuals on insulin pump therapy. This phrase has not only come from our customers, but from our very own employees! In this article shared recently in the News to Infuse Newsletter, Medtronic Diabetes employee, Steven Sanders,

In The First Few Hours of a New Sensor

Ever wonder what happens during those first few hours of your new sensor wear? What’s happening to the sensor, and why do you have to wait two hours before you start getting sensor readings? While it may be tempting to want a shorter initialization time frame, it’s important to follow the steps you learned

Important Update on Medicare CGM Access Act

As most of you know, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology is a valuable diabetes management tool clinically proven to provide better glucose control[1][2]. While 95% of private health plans cover the technology, Medicare does not, denying Americans age 65 and older access to this critical technology. For more than a year, Medtronic, along with

Creating an Artificial Pancreas: Q&A with Carolyn Schmitz

Over the past three years, head of Research and Development (R&D) for the Insulin Delivery Closed Loop group, Carolyn Schmitz, has helped bring engineering solutions to insulin delivery products, paving the pathway toward an artificial pancreas. Passionate about helping the diabetes community, Carolyn and her team are committed to delivering diabetes technology that improves

Insulin Pumps: 10 Support Tips To Know

Each month, we post 2-3 support tips on our Facebook page, and this month we’ve collected some of our most popular insulin pump support tips to deliver to you in one post for you to easily reference. Have questions after reading? Let us know in the comments below. Did you know… 1. Each of