South Texas Flooding Disaster Notification

South Texas Flooding Disaster Notification

To our Valued Customers and Diabetes Patients impacted by South Texas Flooding:

The safety and welfare of our customers and diabetes patients are always of great concern to us. In the event you and/or your family are impacted by the recent natural disaster, please remember to have the following items with you at all times:

  • Insulin Pump
  • Insulin Pump Supplies (Infusion sets, reservoirs, & inserter)
  • Wipes & Tapes
  • Insulin
  • Diabetes testing supplies (meter, test strips, lancing device & lancets)
  • MiniLink Transmitter, Charger, & Sensors (if using CGM)

If you or your family needs support with insulin pump supplies, please contact our Toll Free Medtronic Storm Hotline at 1-800-MiniMed, ext. 64545.

Medtronic looks forward to doing all we can to assist our Valued Customers during this time.