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i-Port AdvanceTM
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A therapy to reduce needle pokes, from Medtronic, the world leader of diabetes management.

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Imagine 3 days puncture free

You can easily take multiple injections with just one application.

i-Port Advance Injection vs Standard Shots

Reduce the number of punctures from up to 15 to 1 over three days.

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Before: Every shot interrupted her busy schedule

After: Less scar tissue, a more convenient way to take insulin, while still enjoying her favorite water activities.

"i-Port Advance makes me feel like a regular person, gives me quality of life, peace of mind, freedom to live a normal person’s life."
Pharmacist & Type 1 for 23 years

It takes the shots for you

i-Port Advance injection port lets you take your medication without having to puncture your skin for each shot. It’s easy to apply and easy to use. The port can be worn for up to three days and during all normal activities, including exercising, sleeping, and bathing.

9 things you probably don't know about i-Port Advance injection port.


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Watch this video for instructions on how to apply, use, and remove i-Port Advance injection port.

i-Port Advance video 1

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Just one application every three days

i-Port Advance injection port is easy to apply. It includes a built-in inserter, which gives you a quick, virtually painless1 application. Only a soft flexible tube, called a cannula stays under the skin. Once applied, you inject your medication through the port instead of your skin (no medication is stored inside the device2).

i-Port Advance injection port is small and discrete, and sticks to you like a Band-Aid®.

Just one application every three days.

9 things you probably don't know about i-Port Advance injection port

  1. What is an i-Port Advance injection port?

    It’s a small and discrete patch that sticks to you like a Band-Aid®. You change the port every three days. This means you don’t need to poke your skin every single time you need to take a shot.

  2. Who should consider i-Port Advance injection port?
    • Those newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and are not ready for a pump.
    • If you have type 2 diabetes and are new to taking insulin, this is a great way to improve the transition to taking shots.
    • Anyone who experiences the emotional challenges of shots like fear, anxiety, and stress or the physical impact of shots like bruising, scaring, or pain.
    • It’s especially beneficial to children and their loved ones, who often get anxiety when it’s time to take a shot.
  3. How does it change my experience with shots?

    If you take an average of five shots a day, you can reduce the number of times you poke yourself from 150 to 10 in just 1 month! That’s 93% less pokes.

  4. How and where do I apply the injection port to my body?

    The built-in serter will guide the application process. Click here for the instructional video. The abdomen, upper thighs, back of arms, hips and upper buttocks are all good locations. Once the port is applied, you can put the needle of your syringe or pen through the port any time you need a shot.

  5. Will it get in the way of my life?

    Absolutely not! You can continue your activities like exercising, sleeping and bathing as you normally would.

  6. Does it matter if I use a pen or syringe?

    You can use the port with pens or syringes. Needles need to be 5-8mm (3/16-5/16”) in length and 32-28 gauge.

  7. How does it work with both long acting and rapid acting insulin?

    You can use both, but there is a rule: Always inject rapid acting insulin first, wait one hour, then inject your long acting insulin.

  8. What are people saying who have tried an injection port?

    In a patient survey: 98% think it’s comfortable to wear, 99% say that it’s more beneficial than shots, and 100% reported that it helps decrease anxiety3.

  9. How much will it cost me?

    You can experience the port for as low as $59.99 per month4. Ordering is easy; just enroll in our subscription program with free monthly shipping. A reimbursement tool kit is also available if you want to request coverage with your insurance.

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1 Survey data on file; individual results may vary.
2 i-Port Advance injection port functions as a drug delivery channel directly into the subcutaneous tissue (the tissue layer located just beneath the skin). Besides the residual space found within the device (approximately 0.0026mL), medication is not held or stored within the device.
3 Riley D, Raup G. Impact of a subcutaneous injection device on improving patient care. Nurs Manage. 2010;41(6):49–504. Cost based on 1 box of 10 ports per month.
4 Cost based on 1 box of 10 ports per month.

Patient portrayal for demonstration purposes only.

Safety Information: i-Port Advance injection port

i-Port Advance injection port is indicated for patients who administer or receive multiple daily subcutaneous injections of physician prescribed medications, including insulin. The device may remain in place for up to 72 hours to accommodate multiple injections without the discomfort of additional needle sticks. i-Port Advance injection port may be used on a wide range of patients, including adults and children. For more, please see

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