Providing Easier and Better Access to Pump and CGM Data on Smartphones with MiniMed Connect

MiniMed Connect with Android

For people with diabetes, constantly monitoring blood sugar levels can be cumbersome and anything but discreet. That’s why we created the MiniMed Connect mobile application, originally available on iOS. Now we are introducing MiniMed Connect for the Android™ operating system –the first and only product that enables people with diabetes to discreetly see real-time glucose level on their Android smartphones.

MiniMed Connect helps people with diabetes see how they’re doing right on their phone by providing convenient access to their insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) data in an easy-to-use smartphone application. The MiniMed Connect app also allows:

  • Care partners to view and monitor their loved ones diabetes information via CareLink Personal software on any Internet-connected mobile device or PC, delivering preset text notifications to care partners when the person with diabetes experiences sugar levels that go too high or too low or when an alarm on the pump isn’t cleared.
  • Healthcare providers to more efficiently access data for therapy optimization through daily uploads of insulin and CGM information into CareLink® therapy management software (with user permission).

The MiniMed Connect app is compatible with both the MiniMed® 530G system and the MiniMed® Revel™ system.

What’s exciting about MiniMed Connect is that in addition to offering greater convenience, our research shows that with easier and better access to their diabetes device data, people with diabetes reduce high and low sugar events and keep their sugar within range more often. In an analysis of data from 2,800 people with diabetes, use of the MiniMed Connect app resulted in:

  • Two fewer severe low blood sugar events per year (<50 mg/dl for more than 20 minutes)
  • 41 fewer severe high blood sugar events per year (>300 mg/dl for more than 20 minutes)
  • 66 percent of people with diabetes stayed in range more often

Our vision is to transform diabetes care, together for greater freedom and better health. This vision centers around a deep-rooted belief in delivering solutions so that people with diabetes can live their exceptional lives. The MiniMed Connect app achieves this objective and further demonstrates how we are moving beyond insulin pumps and CGM devices and integrating leading consumer technologies, data, and informatics to enable better therapy decision-making and care.

Read what Samsung is saying about MiniMed Connect for Android: Samsung and Medtronic Bring Innovative Diabetes Monitoring to Android.


The MiniMed Connect mobile accessory is intended to provide a secondary display of continuous glucose monitoring and/or insulin pump data on a suitable consumer electronic device to care partners and users of a MiniMed 530G system or MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time RevelTM system for the purposes of passive monitoring. The MiniMed Connect mobile accessory is not intended to replace the real-time display of continuous glucose monitor and/or insulin pump data on the primary display device (i.e., the sensor-augmented pump). All therapy decisions should be based on blood glucose measurements obtained from a blood glucose meter. The MiniMed Connect mobile accessory is not intended to analyze or modify the continuous glucose monitor data and/or insulin pump data that it receives. Nor is it intended to control any function of the connecting continuous glucose monitor system and/or insulin pump. The MiniMed Connect mobile accessory is not intended to serve as a replacement for a primary display device for the continuous glucose monitoring system and/or insulin pump data. The MiniMed Connect mobile accessory is not intended to receive information directly from the sensor or transmitter of a continuous glucose monitoring system. See Instructions for Use (IFU) for additional details.

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