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Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Belinda and Zach realized that something needed to change but they did not know what. An iPro2 CGM evaluation was eye opening for both of them and helped them to make the right changes.

See the complete picture.

  • Fingersticks and A1C show only part of what’s happening.
  • Uncover how food, exercise and medication affect your sugar levels.
  • Your doctor can personalize a treatment plan to better manage your diabetes.
iPro2 CGM is worn on your abdomen and measures glucose levels every five minutes.

What is professional CGM and how do I get started?

Professional CGM is a physician owned device intended for intermittent use only. The iPro2 professional CGM is a small, discreet device that records your sugar levels up to six days. You go about your normal activities. After reviewing the information that the iPro2 captures, your doctor may recommend treatment or lifestyle changes to help you achieve your diabetes goals. Talk to your doctor about iPro2 professional CGM.

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For J.D., A1C was just a number. iPro2 CGM made it real.

J.D., a busy police officer, was put on iPro2 professional CGM. His evaluation report showed high sugar levels, so he decided to take an active role in managing his type 2 diabetes and made some changes.


Three months later J.D. had a second iPro2 evaluation. Since he had cut back on extra helpings and fast food, he saw a real improvement and was able to stop taking insulin and oral medications for his diabetes.


Introducing the iPro2 professional CGM evaluation myLog app – now with FoodPrint. An easy way to better understand how the foods you enjoy play a role in how your body’s glucose levels fluctuate.

  • See how your daily routine affects your glucose levels
  • View grades for each meal to assess how well you eat
  • Get tips on which food options are ideal substitutes for your body
  • Use the FoodPrint report with your doctor to understand how to improve your lifestyle

Medtronic strives to create products and tools to further help patients manage their diabetes. The iPro2 myLog app with FoodPrint is the first of it’s kind to incorporate a grading system for food based on your body’s glucose reaction. This tool will help you to become smarter about the food choices you make, and hopefully healthier and better at managing your diabetes!


Ask for your iPro2 professional CGM evaluation and FoodPrint report today!

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